Wissahickon squirt team game vs. Warwick Maroon February 16 2014. A loss for our WSC Squirt B team 1-6..This was the last game of the season for 2013-2014.


How to win hockey games

To win a hockey game the obvious answer is you need to score more goals than you give up. So, improving your offense and defense can contribute to this.

1. Short Shifts – Don’t stay on for more than a minute
2. Don’t get stuck starring at puck, look around
3. Two forwards deep
4. SUGAR – Shoot U Get A Rebound
5. Make short passes vs. long passes
6. Center guards the slot
7. Defensemen back each other up
8. Get the puck deep
9. If defense comes deep, forward takes his spot
10. Keep stick in passing lanes
11. On face-offs look at ref’s hand
12. Think defense before offense
13. If other team has one great player then shadow him
14. Don’t take stupid penalties
15. If you want to get even do it when ref isn’t looking
16. Look before you pass
17. Keep your feet moving
18. Always guard the most dangerous player
19. Someone in corner not as dangerous as someone in front
20. Know who you’re going on for
21. Get puck out of zone by clearing the puck high off the glass
22. Play the body , look at opposing players chest
23. Screen their goalie not yours
24. Always shoot before passing
25. Take away time and space from opposing players
26. Force oncoming puck carriers to the outside
27. Defense retrieve puck in their corner, center guard front of net
28. When taking a slap shot from point keep puck low for tip-ins
29. Saucer pass if someone between you and person you’re passing to
30. When coming off ice yell out your position
31. Goaltending
32. If there is a puck hog who won’t pass then skate behind them so if they lose puck you can pick it up
33. Make good changes


Wissahickon squirt team game vs. Quakers-Black Team February 25 2014. A loss for our WSC Squirt B team 0-7, what can we do?, this seems like a normal score of losing by seven to something.


Wissahickon squirt team game vs. Delaware Ducks 12 21 2013. A loss for our WSC Squirt B team 5-6, this game both teams came into with no wins and both teams played hard, congratz to both very nice game to watch. For our team great passing and some nice foot work, Christian number two 2 goals, Aidan number 5 one goal, Oren number 12 one goal and Luke number 18 with won, our goalie Dominic number 1 great job with 16 saves. Keep this up guys.